Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 4

All done and ready to install.  What a fun sign to make – We hope this draws in people from far and wide to stop into this great shop. photo 1 John is on the street! After shoring up the existing sign bracket and doing some spot painting on the new steel he’s ready to hang the sign.139 142 146 All done!

Good Luck Adam and the gang – We wish you the best with the new store!

Oh and can you stock Reggie Bars?


Bailey’s Project: Day 4

It’s day four and we are making great progress – the sign is REALLY taking shape.  All the precision board cuts are done and the letters are all completed as well. Brian is hard at work fabricating standoffs, welding, sculpting and assembly. Once the sign is put together and the parts sculpted just right he’ll take it all apart to begin priming.

We cut the “smokehouse” letters out of 1/2″ black PVC.  And the larger 3D Cut “Bailey’s” out of 1″ thick 15# Precision Board HDU. 

010 (2)

006 (3)

004 (2)

Bailey’s Project: Day 2

Day two is underway!

We’ve made some great progress in all areas. Brian’s been hard at work welding up the grill.  It looks incredible and will really make this sign feel authentic.IMG_3266

I’ve been programming the face and ribbons and working out the depth of the overall sign. In Enroute I’ve programmed the basic shape of the ribbon with the text – once I’ve cut it out of Precision Board HDU Brian will do some hand sculpting to remove the “machine cut” look.




Disney’s Frozen Project – Times Square Disney Store

Who wouldn’t love working on a Disney project?  This was a fun project with characters, castles and great Disney graphics. We just completed our work, delivered to our client they added their magic and it looks fantastic! If you are  in Times Square NYC this holiday season check it out.

We started out by vectorizing the clients sketch of a giant snow arch and castle with the “Frozen” logo carved into it. In Enroute Pro we gave the outline shape and texture and designed the accurate dimensions to fit on the store fixtures.293294Now this arch is about 16′ Wide so we cant cut it all at once.  I’ll break up the file and start cutting the pieces.

So to keep the weight down we chose to make the arch out of blue insulation foam.  We started by gluing 4’x8′ sheets of 2″ foam together.  Our arch will end up 8″ thick. Once glued we are ready to cut.



Once the panels are cut – we cut out a channel on the back to set the PVC piping wich will hold the pieces together. The PVC is set in place and the safety cables are installed and crimped.


The adhesive is applied and the sides are assembled.



 Now we’re ready to tackle the bases! These need to be large solid pieces of foam so we cut them in discs that will sit on top of each other then Brian will come in with a sawzall to rough sculpt it. Here you can see Eddie assembling the discs and gluing in place.



We’ll finish up the other base and start sculpting. Brian got out the sawzall for the rough cuts then the belt sander for the second go around.


Mark and Kevin doing some finishing sanding.


Here’s Brian and Greg with their homemade sanding tool – Great for taking away a lot of foam fast.


Ready for Bondo and Paint!


While the arch is off to the paint shop we’re busy printing away and building some other cool features for the install.

Here is an 8′ Marquee Gift Tag.


A GIANT painters pallete.


Lots of wrapping paper….


Some cool Mickey Ears….


and a bunch of other cool stuff.


And here is the transformation (with the help of our clients amazing design and installation skills)






















Completing the Structure – Mechanical Fish Project

All the welding is done. The leveling feet are on and the steel structure is now complete and painted. All I have to do is cut the acrylic tray for the top tank and we are done with stage 1!


For the base of the top tank we used 2″ acrylic – overkill maybe – really cool custom acrylic fish tank tray – definitely!


I designed the cut in Enroute Pro then sent it down to the Multicam to do all the work.  We screwed some MDF to the table to keep this block in place. 1/2 an hour later – a perfect cut came off the table!


Perfect fit!photoft4

A quick leveling and we are looking good. Onto the next stage!


The Mechanical Fish Needs A Place to Live!

We may have dug ourselves a hole all the way to the bottom of the ocean! That’s right. We have one month to go with our little “mechanical fish” project and we are still coming up with great ideas on the fly that are adding a lot of time to the project. But we love doing this stuff so I’m ok with it.

I’ve been feverishly designing and making the cosmetic details of the exterior sign.  Brian has been working the armature, welding, designing and building the fish tank. Next week these elements will start going together and we’ll really get to see just how deep we are.

Brian has a basic frame welded at the base then added a 4.5″ steel pipe – this pipe will hold the weight of the upper fish tank no problem.


We cut the pipe in half then clamped it making disassembly in the future much easier. A little cleanup with the grinder and the base is done.

IMG_2192Then Brian added two pieces of steel tubing which will be the armature of our control panel arm. A few holes were drilled in the steel pipe so we can run our electrical later on. You know we’re lighting this baby up.



Now it’s onto the fish tank fabrication. Now I guess we could have just bought a fish tank but we felt that would be cheating. So we are making the tanks out 1/2″ and 1/4″ acrylic. Here you can see a NY Jets fan cutting acrylic.


Injecting resin bond to weld the edges.


Once the tanks are together its time to drill the holes and prep for the pump hoses.





That’s it – tanks are done and tested.  No leaks!

What’ya think – can we compete with the guys from Animal Planet’s Tanked TV Show?


Thanks for checking In – stay tuned…

– Steve.


The Mechanical Fish Sign Competition Project – Base

“After Hours” has a new meaning here at KDF.  It’s when we get to have fun and really get creative.  It is amazing how much work you can get done when the phone isn’t ringing!

Our mechanical fish project is moving along nicely. We’ve just completed the panels for the base which will sit atop a slab of stone.

We started by routing the panels from 1.5″ 30# Precision Board on the Multicam 3000. Then  it was time to do a little hand carving over top to age the wood and metal and give each panel its own character.


Here is the compass portion up close.


We’ve cut the rough blocks for the stone base and carved some Gaelic Proverbs into it.  But we’re not telling anyone what it says! (yet).


Tomorrow Brian will be finishing up all of the welding and the painting of the steel.  So we’re now in overdrive! Stay tuned…

– Steve

Stone Wall Plaque

So our friend and client Julian came in last week with an interesting project. He was looking for a creative way to present a plaque to a colleague as a gift using their logo as the artwork. So we came up with the idea of doing a carved “stone” look.

We started by taking their logo and vectorizing it in Enroute Pro.

Once we had it as a vector file we are able to manipulate it and convert it to 3D then add stone texture.

Carved - Proof

Once we had the 3D all set it was time to cut it. It’s off to the MultiCam 3000!  We’re going to cut it from 1.5″ 30lb Precision Board so that finishing will be fast and easy. Here you can see what the first rough pass looks like along with the finish pass starting.


Now we’ll have a little fun and add some more stone texture with my favorite texture tool – a spackle knife.


We are ready to prime using Coastal Enterprises FSC-88 Primer/Filler.


Then we’ll paint the whole sign black. Here Mark is putting down two quick coats of Modern Masters Black Pearl.


Now to add the white detail of the logo. I’m going to add paint right into the carving then paint the face of the letters.



And here she is…


We’ll add a cleat to the back and it’s ready to hang.

Building Sign – The Athlete Recovery Center – Part 2: Cutting The Sign

So we did some more tweaking of the fonts to get it just right and tested the final design by placing a print on the front of the building. Dan, the client, was happy so it’s on to the 3D portion of the project.

Here we’ve added depth and texture to the design to give it a natural wood feel.

3D Design

Now we are ready to cut. I’m cutting these out of 15lb Precision Board HDU on our MultiCam 3000. We’ll then mount the signs to 3mm Dibond for extra rigidity.



3up Closeup

Now we are ready for assembly and paint!