Fetch Sign – Woof 3

Now it’s time to cut the elements that make up the face of the sign.

126The first element is the 3D bone which will have the Fetch name contour pocketed about an 1/8″ into the surface. Our rendering shows the layout and depth of the lettering.


The bone is also carved out of 2″ HDU.



We’ll then inset painted aluminum letters into that pocket for a real nice effect. This will allow us to easily have a different paint finishes on the bone and the letters.

We are cutting the “tag” face out of .063 aluminum.  The text will then be cut out of the aluminum – when glued in place we’ll see the background color of the sign panel come through.

142 143 145

And here it is! almost done – next is onto the welding of the frame and mounting system.






Fetch Sign – Woof 2

Files are ready! – our HDU is on the MultiCam table and we’re ready to cut. We are going to end up with a 3″ sign panel once the two halves are glued together so we’ve planed our 2″ HDU down 1/2″ then cut the face.

We’ll insert out steel tubing, glue the panels together and our panel is done. Now it’s on to “The Bone”.

IMG_3565 IMG_3567

Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 1

Some jobs are fun from the beginning to end. My family and I were recently at a great new candy store that opened up in our town – Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop.  The store is as great as the name and if you’re ever in Warwick, NY you have to stop in – they have every candy you can imagine and more.

We had a nice conversation with the owner and wished him luck then he mentioned he was in need of a sign – so we sprung into action.  They have such a great logo, a bottle cap and a fun font. I told him I’d love to take on the project.

So here is where we began – a very nice logo just screaming to be produced as a dimensional sign.


We got started right away using Enroute Pro software to  create the dimensional sign. the overall dimension will be 42″ round. The Sign will be double sided and hang on a nice scroll sign bracket off the front of the building.


727Fizzy Lifting - 3D Proof00

Once the 3D logo was completed. It was time to start cutting. We started by cutting the details of the sign face out of 1″ and 1/2″ White PVC.732731We are using 15lb – 2″ Precision Bard HDU for each sign face with a 1″ layer for our inside frame.   791


Everything is now cut and ready for assembly!




The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sign

Another super fun job! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sign.

This sign will hang at the Disney Store in Times Square. We cut the larger letters out of 1.5″ Precision Board HDU and the smaller letters from 3/4″ PVC.  We then cut the face of the letters from 1/4″ PVC.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 3

Brian then painted the red part of the letters with Metallic Red paint then airbrushed the gradation onto the face – WOW I love it.

Rad wrapped a piece of 2″ Gator Board with Avery Car Wrap vinyl – front and back. Mark and Greg took it from there to complete the assembly and install the threaded rod hangers. Great job everyone. Can’t wait to see this movie! – Steve

photo 2


photo 3

“Robots” Sign – Complete

We’re coming to the end of the “Robots” project. I’m doing a little painting in place as it hangs in the wall.  First I’m going to paint the “guts” of the letters – then age them a little bit. This is a Modern Masters Metallic Copper.  I’ll then do a glaze of Black Pearl over the copper. Once dried I’ll rust out the metal clamps.

photo 1 photo 2

The last touch is to dry brush some pure silver back over the face of each letter.


Final Assembly is complete, LED’s are on and my “faux” robotic arm moves back and forth when the motion sensor is triggered. All I have to do is tuck away the wires and this baby is done. This was a lot of fun!

Hmmm what to do next?

– Steve.

photo 4


Rise of the Machines

I’ve been obsessed with robots for the past few months. Researching and coming up with processes in our shop that I can one day have a robot perform… Yes everyone thinks I’m nuts. I’ve even been playing around with our home vacuum cleaner robot in hopes of “taking control” of it. Not sure of what it will do just yet but I’m getting there.

So in honor of my obsession I started a little side project of creating a “robots” sign.

photoI started sketching an idea and got so excited about it I ran to the computer and began drawing it up in Enroute Pro. I decided to keep it very simple – i’ll have the word “robots” sitting atop a rover robot with two robotic arms hovering above the letters – one will be placing a letter into position. I also want to incorporate some type of movement in this sign so I’m experimenting with a motion detector and a motor to simulate robotic movement. Ok not so simple. But this will be fun and it’s my obsession – so here we go.

enroute sketch

I’ve cut the letters out of 15# Precision Board HDU

Now its time to cut out the robots that will stand behind the letters. I’m cutting them out of 30lb Precision Board HDU on the MultiCAM 3000. These guys will be large and heavy duty!


077 Once cut I’ll glue them together with Coastal’s PB Bond-240 HDU adhesive. I’ve also inserted a cable which will hold up one of the letters. Once dry I’ll sculpt on some



I’m doing the back panel out of some scrap MDF and I’ll paint to look like rusted steel. I’m getting an idea of the layout. I think I want it a little more robust.

011 I’ll get everything primed while I’m figuring out the assembly. I’m using Coastals FSC-88 Primer – 2 Coats. It works great on the MDF as well.


After the priming is done its on to the painting.  I’ve painted the backer with a faux iron paint from Sophisticated Finishes which I can then rust out.  It’s such a simple process and the results are amazing.

009 While the second coat is still tacky I spray on the Green Petina Solution and wait.  The finish rusts before your eyes.


I’m using the Modern Masters Silver as the base coat for my letters.  With a glaze over the top.014

017 Pre-assembly is complete. Now we are going to hang it and do some more painting and LED work.



Bailey’s Project: Day 7 – part 2

Things are heating up!

Brian and Greg are completing final assembly of the sign and working out all of the details of installation.  Wow – what a paint job! Brian has outdone himself on this – amazing! We are ready for install on Sunday. 012

 John is on location with the bucket truck installing the 3″ thick steel sign bracket.007


Bailey’s Project: Day 7 – part 1

OK Its Friday – we are installing on Sunday – St. Patrick’s Day is Monday. Hmm. Pressure is on!!!!!!

Brian has been in the paint shop for days – not sure if he’s seen daylight.  But it’s payin’ off! After all the priming Brian started mixing the paints and spraying. Time is running out but we’re almost there. We have a crew out today installing the bracket on the building so Sunday we can focus on transporting and hanging this 200lb baby. 

The colors are amazing and the finish is incredible. We 3D cut the face of the ribbons and left the accent lines of the font on the ribbon.  This way it would create a dramatic depth when the letters get placed in. Brian hand painted the gold details and the filigree.

IMG_3430 IMG_3435

The main body of the sign is painted and its time to attach the front face pieces and the grill.  IMG_3434

The LED’s are inserted and it comes alive!