The Mechanical Fish Needs A Place to Live!

We may have dug ourselves a hole all the way to the bottom of the ocean! That’s right. We have one month to go with our little “mechanical fish” project and we are still coming up with great ideas on the fly that are adding a lot of time to the project. But we love doing this stuff so I’m ok with it.

I’ve been feverishly designing and making the cosmetic details of the exterior sign.  Brian has been working the armature, welding, designing and building the fish tank. Next week these elements will start going together and we’ll really get to see just how deep we are.

Brian has a basic frame welded at the base then added a 4.5″ steel pipe – this pipe will hold the weight of the upper fish tank no problem.


We cut the pipe in half then clamped it making disassembly in the future much easier. A little cleanup with the grinder and the base is done.

IMG_2192Then Brian added two pieces of steel tubing which will be the armature of our control panel arm. A few holes were drilled in the steel pipe so we can run our electrical later on. You know we’re lighting this baby up.



Now it’s onto the fish tank fabrication. Now I guess we could have just bought a fish tank but we felt that would be cheating. So we are making the tanks out 1/2″ and 1/4″ acrylic. Here you can see a NY Jets fan cutting acrylic.


Injecting resin bond to weld the edges.


Once the tanks are together its time to drill the holes and prep for the pump hoses.





That’s it – tanks are done and tested.  No leaks!

What’ya think – can we compete with the guys from Animal Planet’s Tanked TV Show?


Thanks for checking In – stay tuned…

– Steve.


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