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Meet The XDFour Team

Stephen Hoey
Stephen Hoey

Stephen Hoey is an expert in the world of color graphic wide format printing, graphic design and marketing. He has been dubbed "an old world craftsman with 21st Century tools". Mr. Hoey applies his unique talents, business savvy and specialty in corporate clients to helping your business achieve its critical objectives and long term results.   Mr. Hoey has helped many businesses improve their corporate images through superior graphics.

Radim Horak
Graphics Specialist

With over 13 years of experience in the color graphics field, Radim Horak has some of the highest standards in the world of wide format printing. During his many years of work in the field of graphics and printing, Radim has seen far too many instances of what he considers “substandard work” which has inspired him to strive for nothing less than meticulous standards in his own work.  Due to Radim’s years of experience and above standard work he has consistently earned rave reviews from XDFour clients and helps sets us apart as one of the best wide format printing companies.

Brian Hamilton
Business Development Manager

Brian Hamilton has extensive experience with wide format printing, graphic design fabrication and sales, along with 10 years experience in the areas of displays, industrial prototypes, graphic layouts, and hand fabrication. His work has been featured on the cover of Sign Business Magazine. Brian's extensive experience allows XDFour to be one of few wide format printing companies to offer a wide range of custom "one of a kind" creations, and enhances XDFour's ability to meet our clients' unique and varied needs, above and beyond what other wide format printing companies can accomplish.

Eddie Cheung

Eddie  Cheung's talents range from complex project management and quality control to day to day operations.  His ability to tackle any project while delivering the highest quality service has made him an industry star.  Eddie can meet any challenge or deadline without breaking a sweat.  Eddie manages all facets of production ranging from our reprographics department to document scanning to color graphics and logistics making it possible for XDFour to deliver outstanding results – every time.