Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 3

We are getting close. Brian’s been welding, building and painting away. Now that he has all the letters done he’s moved on to the sign faces. these will be a bright red and will really stand out at this little corner shop.

He started by welding the inside frame of the sign.  This will make it incredibly strong.


IMG_4104Now back to the sign faces. Using our Matthews Paint system Brian matches the clients red and preps the paint guns. IMG_4107Several coats of color are put down to get a real nice, and strong, finish.

IMG_4127 IMG_4130

Ready to clear coat and assemble!



Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 2

We’re ready for paint.

Its time for Brian to work his magic. He’ll start with the letters then set them aside once complete to work on the sign 1Once the letters are primed he lays down the PMS matched color. He’s using a Matthews Paint System.

photo 3 Using an airbrush technique, Brian lowers the pressure on the gun to stipple paint the letters to match the logo 6Here is the final logo before we attach it to the sign 7

Building Sign – The Athlete Recovery Center – Part 3: Painting

Well my job is done for awhile. I’ve designed and cut the sign. Now it’s Brians turn to work some magic in the paint shop. He’ll prep, prime and paint then assemble.

prime2 paint-black oval

Now it’s time for a little detail and adding the color.

closeup paint closeup paint 2

Great job Brian – Here are the signs ready to install. Stay tuned for the final install shots…

– Steve

Painted - all

Pearl River Saloon – Painting and Finishing Phase

Painting and Finishing is so much fun. this is where we get to see the work come alive. Brian and Mark have primed everything and have some extreme painting to do…

Railroad Tie

Railroad Ties: Insanity has set in – we decided to paint everything as if our faces were pressed against the sign – here is a single railroad tie – only 47 to go!.

Brian used several layers and faux painting techniques to create the wood color, the steel of the rail bracket and the rust.

Terraine and Letter

Terrain and Rails: Once the ties were worked out it was on to the large terrain pieces, the rails and the letters. It’s really coming together!

train-first paint

The Engine: We knew from the beginning that this would be the most important element of the sign – the WOW factor. So after assembly Brian spent a considerable amount of time testing different finishes to come up with the perfect “black steel” look of the train.


After doing more intense painting techniques and aging the steel Brian began adding the little details to really make this engine come alive. Here you can see him adding brass and steel bars. Train-Painted

So here is engine #1 ready to go into final assembly.