Custom Logo Sign

Oh how we love our friends at Jura! Not only are they wonderful people but they make the greatest coffee makers on the planet!

As they are building out their new headquarters they requested KDF to fabricate a large logo for the reception area.This logo is approximately 4’x8′.

We are making it out of 1 piece of 15# Precision Board HDU which is 2″ thick. We remove excess material from the back to reduce the weight. Once complete we’ll pin mount it to the wall.

After cutting the logo we spray a coating of AquaResin to give it a nice hard shell and to seal the foam. A quick sanding and we have the finish we need for painting.



Two coats our PPG waterborne primer.


And then color….

110  Once the color has dried we applied a satin clear coat.103  And we are ready to install!


All done. Best of luck in your new headquarters!

(I need to go get some coffee)