Bailey’s Project: Day 7 – part 1

OK Its Friday – we are installing on Sunday – St. Patrick’s Day is Monday. Hmm. Pressure is on!!!!!!

Brian has been in the paint shop for days – not sure if he’s seen daylight.  But it’s payin’ off! After all the priming Brian started mixing the paints and spraying. Time is running out but we’re almost there. We have a crew out today installing the bracket on the building so Sunday we can focus on transporting and hanging this 200lb baby. 

The colors are amazing and the finish is incredible. We 3D cut the face of the ribbons and left the accent lines of the font on the ribbon.  This way it would create a dramatic depth when the letters get placed in. Brian hand painted the gold details and the filigree.

IMG_3430 IMG_3435

The main body of the sign is painted and its time to attach the front face pieces and the grill.  IMG_3434

The LED’s are inserted and it comes alive!


Halo Lit Custom Channel Letter Sign

Our friends at Crestron Electronics hired us to create a front desk lobby sign for their headquarters.  We’ll be creating custom channel letters with high gloss black finish mounted to a satin metal box and lit with LEDs.  The challenge with this sign was that the box was about 110″ long and our cutting bed was only 96″. So with some creative maneuvering we were able to make the cuts.

Here we are cutting the letters for our sign out 1.5″ 30lb Precision Board.  These will be real heavy duty letters and the 30lb density foam will allow us to get a nice smooth finish. You can see the drill holes for the screw posts which we will use to mount the letters once complete.  We have also hogged out a channel to allow for our LEDs.

cnclettersHere is cut one for the back side of our box. As you can see we cut only the first part – we then had to move the sheet of dibond and reregister it to the MultiCam table to allow for the second cut.cuttingbox2

Complete! and ready to mount the letters.


Brian has all the letters back from the paint shop and ready to go.


It’s time to install the LEDs, wire each letter and logo element then and then wire up the box.

wiring 2

Here Mark is measuring the LED output and calculating the final letter height.

markThe letters are going on nice and smooth but there is still a lot of wiring to go.


All done and ready to be installed.


ESPN Custom Halo Lit Sign

Over the long weekend we had the opportunity to do a nice custom sign for ESPN Radios new studio in NYC.

As with all of our signs we start with our favorite material, Precision Board HDU. This is 1.5″ 30# HDU.  I’m cutting the letters face down so I can route out a channel on the back for the LEDs. The holes are for our mounting posts.


Next we are cutting “New York” out of 1/2″ black acrylic.

Cutting NY

Now its time to paint!


Once painted it was off to the big city for the install. (No BBQ for Brian and I yet.)

We got the template up and started drilling.



These letters will be “floating” on the wall with a halo lit effect on each letter component which means each component has its own wiring snaked up through the wall.

Some final touches and a little cleanup…FinalTouches


All done! (Time for BBQ). Good luck ESPN in your new studio!