ESPN Custom Halo Lit Sign

Over the long weekend we had the opportunity to do a nice custom sign for ESPN Radios new studio in NYC.

As with all of our signs we start with our favorite material, Precision Board HDU. This is 1.5″ 30# HDU.  I’m cutting the letters face down so I can route out a channel on the back for the LEDs. The holes are for our mounting posts.


Next we are cutting “New York” out of 1/2″ black acrylic.

Cutting NY

Now its time to paint!


Once painted it was off to the big city for the install. (No BBQ for Brian and I yet.)

We got the template up and started drilling.



These letters will be “floating” on the wall with a halo lit effect on each letter component which means each component has its own wiring snaked up through the wall.

Some final touches and a little cleanup…FinalTouches


All done! (Time for BBQ). Good luck ESPN in your new studio!