Fetch Sign – Woof 2

Files are ready! – our HDU is on the MultiCam table and we’re ready to cut. We are going to end up with a 3″ sign panel once the two halves are glued together so we’ve planed our 2″ HDU down 1/2″ then cut the face.

We’ll insert out steel tubing, glue the panels together and our panel is done. Now it’s on to “The Bone”.

IMG_3565 IMG_3567

Fetch Sign – Woof 1

It’s an exciting day here at KDF. We were asked by our good friends at Fetch Bar & Grill in Warwick, NY to update their sign based on a new logo that was just refreshed by our favorite designer, Nanette Hoey.


After some quick sketches we designed the internal frame that will be made from welded 1″ steel tubing – this will be incredibly strong and make for a very simple installation.


Our files are created in Enroute Pro and prepped for cutting. We like to have all of the elements assemble in 3D before going to cut to ensure it’s exactly what we want.

New Bone closeup

New Bone Side view

Next step is to start cutting! Stay tuned.


Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 3

We are getting close. Brian’s been welding, building and painting away. Now that he has all the letters done he’s moved on to the sign faces. these will be a bright red and will really stand out at this little corner shop.

He started by welding the inside frame of the sign.  This will make it incredibly strong.


IMG_4104Now back to the sign faces. Using our Matthews Paint system Brian matches the clients red and preps the paint guns. IMG_4107Several coats of color are put down to get a real nice, and strong, finish.

IMG_4127 IMG_4130

Ready to clear coat and assemble!



Building Sign – The Athlete Recovery Center – Part 2: Cutting The Sign

So we did some more tweaking of the fonts to get it just right and tested the final design by placing a print on the front of the building. Dan, the client, was happy so it’s on to the 3D portion of the project.

Here we’ve added depth and texture to the design to give it a natural wood feel.

3D Design

Now we are ready to cut. I’m cutting these out of 15lb Precision Board HDU on our MultiCam 3000. We’ll then mount the signs to 3mm Dibond for extra rigidity.



3up Closeup

Now we are ready for assembly and paint!

Dimensional Building Sign – S&B Construction

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the guys at S&B Construction – it was a pleasure working with them and we hope to do more with them soon.  They wanted an updated post and panel style sign for their building – simple but elegant. We worked up a design that would allow them to change out tenant names easily.


Once designed we started cutting – we cut the main sign from 1″ Precision Board  – 2 panels then mounted them together – we mounted a sheet of dibond in between for more strength as well. we cut the building number separately from 2″ Precision Board.


For the panels we added a wood grain texture and on the frame a hammered metal texture. Here we are laying out paper templates ensuring the text size will work well on the sign.


And here it is installed in S&B’s front yard – WOW! Thanks for making our sign look even better with your landscaping. This is a great tip for anyone putting in a new sign – use surrounding trees and flowers as an accent. Best of luck with your new sign guys!