Fetch Sign – Woof 2

Files are ready! – our HDU is on the MultiCam table and we’re ready to cut. We are going to end up with a 3″ sign panel once the two halves are glued together so we’ve planed our 2″ HDU down 1/2″ then cut the face.

We’ll insert out steel tubing, glue the panels together and our panel is done. Now it’s on to “The Bone”.

IMG_3565 IMG_3567

Pearl River Saloon – Design Phase

OK here is a great creative sign project for our friends at The Pearl River Saloon.
Our challenge was design a sign that incorporated the “Saloon” feel with their beloved train theme. Their current sign is great but doesn’t give you that feel.  So we’re off to build a better sign.
The Saloon - Original Sign

The Saloon – Original Sign

Initial Sketch Presentation

Initial Sketch Presentation

The inital sketch had a few concepts for the client. A simple outdoor sign then some fun stuff to consider for inside.  They wanted alot more of the train feel on the outside so we worked on some sketches and came back to them with the pic below.
Sign Mockup

Sign Mockup

So it began to develop into a really cool sign. we decided to not only do the train tracks but add some trains and really blow it out. The client was happy and we’re excited to design this in 3D and get started!