The top of our chest – mechanical fish project

It’s time to put the top on our chest and finish up the base of our sign. I cut the top, two sided, out of 1″ 30 lb Precision Board on our multicam 3000.

This was a tricky one. First I cut the bottom side and used a hatch fill to remove a 1/2″ pocket all around so the piece would fit snug over the sides of the box.

Then I routed a 1/8″ deep seat on the spoilboard to hold the inside part of the cut piece. I set the piece in place and I’m ready to add my texture on the other side.

Once I routed the the texture it was time to cut the piece in half because one side would be removable. Once in place we’ll add the wrought iron metal over the seams so you won’t know the panel is removable.