Dimensional Building Sign – S&B Construction

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the guys at S&B Construction – it was a pleasure working with them and we hope to do more with them soon.  They wanted an updated post and panel style sign for their building – simple but elegant. We worked up a design that would allow them to change out tenant names easily.


Once designed we started cutting – we cut the main sign from 1″ Precision Board  – 2 panels then mounted them together – we mounted a sheet of dibond in between for more strength as well. we cut the building number separately from 2″ Precision Board.


For the panels we added a wood grain texture and on the frame a hammered metal texture. Here we are laying out paper templates ensuring the text size will work well on the sign.


And here it is installed in S&B’s front yard – WOW! Thanks for making our sign look even better with your landscaping. This is a great tip for anyone putting in a new sign – use surrounding trees and flowers as an accent. Best of luck with your new sign guys!