KDF Studio Sign Project – Creating the sign

So today I’m completing the 3D designs and I’ll begin cutting the pieces to the sign.  The sign is based around a shield that will incorporate the lettering, LED’s and some other interesting features. I’ve decided that the shield will be made of steel and dragon scales – should be pretty strong – right?

Here is the top view of the sheild.


Here is is cut – now we’re going to flip it over and cut the other side. I’ve cut a 1/8th hatch into the spoilboard so I can register the first cut.


The back of the shield  has the reverse texture of the dragon scales and we made it as deep as possible. We’ll probably paint it gold and the steel band black – we’ll see.

here it is mid cut.


Here is the final cut – we even put in a little soft spot under the dragons scales!

sheild-front sheild-back

All cut and ready to be primed!


Now onto the outside frame – this will be cut from two pieces of 1″ Precision board then glued together.


Once we cut both sides its time to glue together then do a little hand texturing to remove the straight lines created by the CNC.

glue-frame adding-texture