Birth of the Dragon

We always wanted a mascot in the shop so we figured why not create one for this sign project. I’m a Game of Thrones fanatic so I chose a dragon. Lets see how we do it.

I went straight to sourcing a basic dragon body in 3D seeing that I’ll be scultping over it I just wanted to create a base to work with. So I’ve cut it out of precision board HDU. Once the body is complete we’ll work out the wings and tail.

Here I’m laying out the body to cut in Enroute Pro.  photo1

I’m cutting this quick so I have a base to work off – detail is not necessary.


Here is the basic form. I’ll glue him together then do some quick sanding to finish him off.


Here he is ready to sculpt! We use Abracadabra Magic Sculpt 2 part epoxy. Awesome stuff.


Here I am sculpting away – I’ll use the chicken bones when creating the wings!



Here’s our  mean ole’ dragon!


Now its Brians turn, He’ll take the basic shape and weld inserts for the feet and create the long dragon tail.


Stay Tuned…