Han Solo – The Wrap Up

We’ve been busy – but I did get to complete Han Solo. So here is the final stage of the project. Everything is screwed together and I’ve completed the “clothing” sculpt. So its time to complete the carbonite then the side control panels. 

I started by filling the foam area with wood glue. The glue is self leveling and works as a good sealer. I poured it on and let it sit overnight.


003005Then it’s time to create the  texture – I’ll be using Magic Sculpt on this – it may take a little while but it will definitely give me the look I need.

021 018 022

Ready to prime and paint!

Greg will get it primed and then apply the first coat of Modern Masters Metallic silver.

030 036

Now I’ll apply several glaze coats of a darker metallic.


After double checking the sizes of the control panel its time to prime and paint them as well.



And finally I’ve hot glued in my control panels. ALL DONE!!!!  This was a really fun project.