A Pig… With a Mustache

Not totally sure why but my 8 year old is obsessed with pigs. And if you throw a mustache on it she’s even more happy. So I wanted to make something that we could hang on the wall here at the studio that would make her smile when she visits – and give us a bit of a challenge to make.

I started by finding a basic 3D model of a pig then did a little digital sculpting to make a “friendlier” shape.


Once complete Peter brought the file into Enroute and sliced it up (no ham or bacon jokes). We cut the basic shape out of two 5″ blocks of 15lb Precision Board HDU then glued them together.


Now we are ready to shape and sculpt over it.


We start by sanding and removing material then do a little hand shaping of the foam  – this is HDU and very easy to work with.

Once we have the shape we want we add Magic Sculpt 2 part epoxy putty to create the realistic skin and details.


Holin is painting away and Peter is making the wood panel to mount our little pig to. Once cut Peter does some more hand texturing to the sides. All primed and ready to go.


All Painted! Hmm – did we forget something?


Off to the 3D Printer – I need a mustache and fast!

088 089   Final Pig

Can’t wait to hang him.

– Steve