United Cheese Steaks Of America – Food Truck – Oh Yeah!

Be prepared – they are coming to your town!

This is our latest wrap for United Cheese Steaks Of America food truck.

So this is where we start. We need to make this thing amazing – Its up to Nanette our designer to work with the client to come up with a design that will stop people in the tracks (and make them hungry). This truck is incredible inside and their food is amazing so the wrap has to live up to all of that and convey it!

Driver Passenger Back Front

For the graphic production we use the Avery EZ RS Supercast Vinyl with the Avery DOL 1060 cast  premium overlaminate film. We love this product and it always gives us quality results. Once the design has been completed our production team (Rad and Mark) will prep the files to be printed on our Mutoh Printers. Once printed we let the vinyl outgas for a day then its time to laminate and cut.

The panels are now onsite and ready for install – the guys are laying out the panels on the side for the truck for fitting purposes.  Once its all line up they’ll peel back the liner and start the applying the vinyl.Starting Driver SideCompleted Driver Side


IMG_2618 IMG_2624 IMG_2625

All done – Adams going to take it for a spin….


Nanette did an awesome job with the design, Rad and Mark cranked on production  setting up the files and getting this bad boy printed and delivered in time for install. Keith and Jordan wrapped like madmen to get this completed on time. Great job everyone!  Can’t wait to see it in action (or stopped in front of my house).

Go Get em’ Adam – Best of luck!

Get on their list at https://www.facebook.com/usacheesesteaks or on twitter at https://twitter.com/USACheeseSteaks

Still “Frozen” this Christmas…

Once again we had the great fortune to work on the “Frozen” display at the Disney Store in Times Square. This was a lot of fun as usual and my daughter Mary got to meet Olaf in person! The client gave us sketches of the Frozen Castle and our challenge was to make a display out of acrylic.

We came up with a few concepts and started building it half scale to work out the kinks.


Once we had the design down it was time to build it full size which was about 8′ tall. Here is the main structure made out of gator foam. We cut grooves in the gator foam to allow us to glue the acrylic in place.


Stop everything! Olaf has arrived. He’ll be part of the display so we need to get accurate measurements before we finalize everything.351Back to the display.  The 4″ gator gets wrapped with printed graphics. Here Rad is installing the vinyl but he may need a little help.


So we put Olaf to work installing the some of the vinyl.


Now we’re ready to connect the acrylic panels. First we cut the acrylic then apply printed translucent vinyl to the back side.  Then using UV curable glue we attach the returns to the side of each acrylic tower for depth.

 Brian works out the mechanics of the ornament spinners – these have to be lightweight and last throughout the season.  The first prototype is perfect and we’re ready to start building them.371

Meanwhile the whole crew Rad, Mark, Greg Holin and Eddie are super busy – printing, cutting and inserting the motors into the hanging signs. There are a lot of these! There are giant marquee signs and other cool accents all over the shop!




We had Olaf cut some of the boards to make things go a little quicker. Luckily he’s wearing sneakers – he’s doing a lot of running around today.


We’re almost there – time to clean up – Olaf is pretty good at this too.


Olaf had a long day and needs a nap before we ship everything out.


Here it is – after our client did there wonderful staging, accents and magic!  Great job everyone! Another fun project!