Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 4

All done and ready to install.  What a fun sign to make – We hope this draws in people from far and wide to stop into this great shop. photo 1 John is on the street! After shoring up the existing sign bracket and doing some spot painting on the new steel he’s ready to hang the sign.139 142 146 All done!

Good Luck Adam and the gang – We wish you the best with the new store!

Oh and can you stock Reggie Bars?


Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 3

We are getting close. Brian’s been welding, building and painting away. Now that he has all the letters done he’s moved on to the sign faces. these will be a bright red and will really stand out at this little corner shop.

He started by welding the inside frame of the sign.  This will make it incredibly strong.


IMG_4104Now back to the sign faces. Using our Matthews Paint system Brian matches the clients red and preps the paint guns. IMG_4107Several coats of color are put down to get a real nice, and strong, finish.

IMG_4127 IMG_4130

Ready to clear coat and assemble!



Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 2

We’re ready for paint.

Its time for Brian to work his magic. He’ll start with the letters then set them aside once complete to work on the sign 1Once the letters are primed he lays down the PMS matched color. He’s using a Matthews Paint System.

photo 3 Using an airbrush technique, Brian lowers the pressure on the gun to stipple paint the letters to match the logo 6Here is the final logo before we attach it to the sign 7

Mjölnir – Thor’s Hammer

A friend recently had a milestone birthday.  I considered some gag gifts but in the end decided to go with something a little more my speed.  I decided to make Thor’s Hammer, Thor being one of his favorite super heroes.

I had a very small window of time to do it so I had to do most of it on the fly.

I found a 3D Model of the Hammer itself online.   This got me going. I knew I’d have to build a case for it but I had to have the hammer in my hand to do it. I cut each side of the hammer out of 4″ 15lb Precision Board HDU. then glued and screwed them together.387

389407408Once the hammer was completed  I designed the box to put it in out of MDF. Once I had my dimensions I programmed the back panel and face of the box in Enroute Pro with a texture.  This will be important later when I paint it.


410 411I cut two small cleats to hang the hammer on.     412

413All assembled and ready for paint. 418

Because I cut the face and back panel with a texture we’ll have a lot of the work done for us when we start painting. First all the parts are primed, two coats, with Precision Board FSC-88 Primer.


We used Modern Masters Metallic Paints. We love these paints! We start with a solid coat of the paint then come back with a glaze of darker color for the aged look.

438 440 442 446As an added little detail I inserted magnets into the cleats and draped a metal chain across to hold the hammer in place.450451

I cut some foam blocks and covered them with a red velvet material using double sided tape to keep it in place.455For the engraved panel on the front of the case I engraved brushed aluminum then painted it black. A little sanding afterwards gave me a nice look. 459And here it is!460

Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 1

Some jobs are fun from the beginning to end. My family and I were recently at a great new candy store that opened up in our town – Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop.  The store is as great as the name and if you’re ever in Warwick, NY you have to stop in – they have every candy you can imagine and more.

We had a nice conversation with the owner and wished him luck then he mentioned he was in need of a sign – so we sprung into action.  They have such a great logo, a bottle cap and a fun font. I told him I’d love to take on the project.

So here is where we began – a very nice logo just screaming to be produced as a dimensional sign.


We got started right away using Enroute Pro software to  create the dimensional sign. the overall dimension will be 42″ round. The Sign will be double sided and hang on a nice scroll sign bracket off the front of the building.


727Fizzy Lifting - 3D Proof00

Once the 3D logo was completed. It was time to start cutting. We started by cutting the details of the sign face out of 1″ and 1/2″ White PVC.732731We are using 15lb – 2″ Precision Bard HDU for each sign face with a 1″ layer for our inside frame.   791


Everything is now cut and ready for assembly!