Bailey’s Project – Day 1: Countdown to St. Paddys Day

If anyone reading this knows us at KDF you probably know that we love a challenge. Usually the challenge comes in the form of a tight schedule or a difficult design or a slew of creative ideas that need to be quickly conceptualized, sifted through and executed on.  This project has all of the above. It has an extremely detailed custom dimensional sign with LED’s, goosenecks, layer after layer of HDU and it all has to be done by St. Paddy’s Day! We’re going to earn our Guinness on this one!

Last year we had the pleasure of working with our friends at Bailey’s Smokehouse in Blauvelt NY ( AWESOME FOOD!!!!

We designed, printed and installed a van wrap for them. They’ve returned with a bigger and better request. A logo redesign and a custom sign to go with it.

So we started with what we’d love to see in a cool sign then worked backwards to create the logo.  We incorporated everything that was important to the client like the fonts, color and overall theme then we kicked it up a notch.

Here is the logo…


DAY1: Today we kicked off our build by pulling apart the logo and figuring out how to make it. We’ll have two teams on this project – Mark and I will be taking on the task of designing the sign parts in Enroute Pro then cutting them on our MultiCam 3000 CNC. We’ll be feeding the parts to “team two” for fabrication and painting.



This is the first layer of the sign – we are cutting it out of 2″ thick 15# Precision Board.



We’ve created a middle layer of HDU that we’ve cut a pocket into for out steel hanger.



Brian and Greg will be doing the fabrication. They’ll start by making the grill out of 1″ steel tubing. Once the outside tubing is bent around the form it’s off to the welding shop.

 photo 3 photo 1

Han Solo – The Wrap Up

We’ve been busy – but I did get to complete Han Solo. So here is the final stage of the project. Everything is screwed together and I’ve completed the “clothing” sculpt. So its time to complete the carbonite then the side control panels. 

I started by filling the foam area with wood glue. The glue is self leveling and works as a good sealer. I poured it on and let it sit overnight.


003005Then it’s time to create the  texture – I’ll be using Magic Sculpt on this – it may take a little while but it will definitely give me the look I need.

021 018 022

Ready to prime and paint!

Greg will get it primed and then apply the first coat of Modern Masters Metallic silver.

030 036

Now I’ll apply several glaze coats of a darker metallic.


After double checking the sizes of the control panel its time to prime and paint them as well.



And finally I’ve hot glued in my control panels. ALL DONE!!!!  This was a really fun project.