3D HDU Sign Letters

We recently created a sign for a client. We liked the design so much so we decided to make two and keep one for ourselves. It is a very simple sign but it will look good in the shop.

We designed our sign in Enroute Pro.  We’ll be cutting it out of 2″ 15lb Precision Board HDU on our MultiCAM 3000 Router. The design is a wood grain over a dimensional letter and we threw in some big rivets for fun.


The first thing we was to cut the letters face down and to pocket out room in the back for LED’s (in case we want to add them later).  We also added holes for the wall mount studs. 


We then flipped the letters and re registered them on the table to begin cutting the 3D face.


Once our letters are cut it’s time to paint!


Two coats of Coastal FSC-88 Primer and we’re ready to add color.   


 We’ve added two coats of latex base then several coats of a darker latex glaze.  Once done we painted the sides.   086


A little Modern Masters Metallic and a glaze on a black metallic and our rivets are complete.


Posts are installed – we’re ready to put this baby on the wall! (I just have to find a spot somewhere). – Steve



HDU Letters – KENZO Window Display

This was a quick turnaround job – 1 day start to finish  – the client needed large foam letters and would be hanging them with fishing wire in a window display. The dimensions of the letters are 15″ high by 8″ deep. So we cut the letters in two layers from 4″ 10lb Precision Board HDU. Its lightweight and real easy to work with.

On the front part of the letter we routed a channel on the face to make painting the logo stripes easier.



Mark then glued the front and back piece together.


Once cut and glued its Greg turn.  Here he is sealing the foam with Coastal FSC-88 Primer – a quick coat of latex white and a the black stripes to finish it off. 



We then installed eyelets for hanging.


All done – just in time….


Custom Carved Town Sign – Borough of Rockleigh, NJ

 Our office is located in a tiny borough tucked away in the Northeast corner of NJ.  Its a beautiful little area of NJ – We were honored to be chosen to redesign and create the new signs for this this historic district of Rockleigh.

After a few concept drawings we came up with the final design which was in line with the existing borough signage and had the elegant historic feel they were looking for.                             


Once approved we sat down and came up with a unique way to construct the sign.  Our goal was to build a dimensional sign that would last but also have elements that are not used in typical town signage.

As always we’ll be making the sign from 30lb Precision Board – This is our favorite material and will last forever!

We start by cutting the signs face up and routing pockets to place our dimensional letters later. This will make for a very interesting sign. Once we’ve cut the face we flip the sign and route out a channel on the back for the steel frame that will hold the sign up.  These signs are double sided so when they are completed we’ll screw and glue the panels together.


To give the panel some interesting depth we re register the panels on the MultiCAM 3000 and route steps on the edge then add a V-Bit groove for the Gold Paint. 


We now have our completed panel – ready for the steel frame and letters.


We’ve cut the large letters from 1″ 30lb Precision Board HDU and chose to use 1/2″ PVC for the smaller letters.


The panels and letters are cut – everything is off to the paint shop. Brian will get started with assembly, priming and painting and I’ll work on the “roof” and ribbon for the sign.





Now Brian will start the detail work on the sign by painting the Gold V-bit channel, the letters and black edges of the sign panels – Its really coming together.




 IMG_3103 The Panels get a gloss coat before final assembly.


this little detail adds a lot. Its a v-bit carved ribbon – What a paint job!


All the elements are glued in place and the roof is screwed on.  The signs are ready to go. 

IMG_3127 Brian gets to hang the signs on the coldest day of the year. Luckily In anticipation for the cold weather we swapped out the old rotted sign post about one month ago. So the install is pretty simple – all the hardware is in place.

And here it is. Great job to all the guys in the shop – we are very proud of these signs.  If you ever come visit us here in Rockleigh be sure to take a look.


Han Solo Continued…


The Control Panels are all cut.  We’ll do some handy work on these later with LEDs and Acrylic faces.

135021 Now its time to complete the sculpting of Hans clothing.  I’m using Magic Sculpt.  This material is great – its a two part sculpting compound that is really easy to work with and hardens to steel! If you look closely I’m using my Iphone case as a reference for the detail.



The Han Solo in Carbonite Project

There is never enough time in the day to get things done.  So when it comes to side projects to dress up the studio it’s almost impossible to find any time at all. Our Current project is to replicate the Han Solo in Carbonite prop from “The Empire Strikes Back”. This might take a long time but it will be a great piece to hang on the wall.

So the first thing I need to do is build the box.  I’ve scaled up my drawing in Enroute and have created the “control panel” holes. I’m going to cut the box out of 3/4″ MDF then create my insert out of 2″ Insulation Styrofoam.  The control panels will be made up of KDF and acrylic.            130 131   Once my wood panels are cut its time to cutout the foam insert that will hold Han up – this will eventually be coated to look like carbonite.


015 The face plate is fitted and matches perfectly. Now I’ll screw it all together, add a cleat to the back and move on to Han.




I’m going to carve his body our of 10lb Precision Board HDU. Once the bulk of it is done I can sculpt details on top. On this part I’ve got my helper Owen running the machine for me. 080

073 075 



The carving is done – Next step is assembly.  stay tuned….


Wooden Instrument Base

Happy New Year!

We do a lot of custom CNC work cutting acrylic, aluminum, PVC, HDU Foam and more – We also do CNC machining of wood parts.  This project is a wooden base for a measuring instrument.  Its a little tricky because there are cuts on both sides that have to be extremely accurate. Once the prototype is complete we’ll go into production cutting 50 of these then off to the paint shop for a coat of polyurethane.

We cut the prototype out of Precision Board HDU to start. Then onto the solid Red Oak material.

116 128