Building Sign – The Athlete Recovery Center – Part 1: The Design

Conceptualizing and sketching is a challenging but fun part of the sign process.  It certainly helps when the client knows what they want!  Here we are getting started with a sign in the town of Piermont, NY for our friends at The Athlete Recovery Center.

We start with an on-site evaluation and measurements.


After our consultation with the client we create the sketch. (Nailed it on the first one!)


Now its on to the technical drawings. Once approved and signed off we’ll start the 3D Design.

Shop Drawing-Proof

Flip ‘n Dip Wrap

Who Doesn’t like Frozen Yogurt? Well if you’re in the Rockland County area then  you have to try the the best at Flip n’ Dip. Today we have the privilege of wrapping their vehicle. This is a fun one. Nanette did a Great design and we are pumped to get this one on the road!

BTW – Check them out in the Kohls Shopping Center on Rt. 59 in Nanuet – or online at


Roof is on…


Here we are positioning the panel on the driver side.




More to come…

ESPN Custom Halo Lit Sign

Over the long weekend we had the opportunity to do a nice custom sign for ESPN Radios new studio in NYC.

As with all of our signs we start with our favorite material, Precision Board HDU. This is 1.5″ 30# HDU.  I’m cutting the letters face down so I can route out a channel on the back for the LEDs. The holes are for our mounting posts.


Next we are cutting “New York” out of 1/2″ black acrylic.

Cutting NY

Now its time to paint!


Once painted it was off to the big city for the install. (No BBQ for Brian and I yet.)

We got the template up and started drilling.



These letters will be “floating” on the wall with a halo lit effect on each letter component which means each component has its own wiring snaked up through the wall.

Some final touches and a little cleanup…FinalTouches


All done! (Time for BBQ). Good luck ESPN in your new studio!



Dimensional Building Sign – S&B Construction

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the guys at S&B Construction – it was a pleasure working with them and we hope to do more with them soon.  They wanted an updated post and panel style sign for their building – simple but elegant. We worked up a design that would allow them to change out tenant names easily.


Once designed we started cutting – we cut the main sign from 1″ Precision Board  – 2 panels then mounted them together – we mounted a sheet of dibond in between for more strength as well. we cut the building number separately from 2″ Precision Board.


For the panels we added a wood grain texture and on the frame a hammered metal texture. Here we are laying out paper templates ensuring the text size will work well on the sign.


And here it is installed in S&B’s front yard – WOW! Thanks for making our sign look even better with your landscaping. This is a great tip for anyone putting in a new sign – use surrounding trees and flowers as an accent. Best of luck with your new sign guys!



KDF Studio Sign Project – Creating the sign

So today I’m completing the 3D designs and I’ll begin cutting the pieces to the sign.  The sign is based around a shield that will incorporate the lettering, LED’s and some other interesting features. I’ve decided that the shield will be made of steel and dragon scales – should be pretty strong – right?

Here is the top view of the sheild.


Here is is cut – now we’re going to flip it over and cut the other side. I’ve cut a 1/8th hatch into the spoilboard so I can register the first cut.


The back of the shield  has the reverse texture of the dragon scales and we made it as deep as possible. We’ll probably paint it gold and the steel band black – we’ll see.

here it is mid cut.


Here is the final cut – we even put in a little soft spot under the dragons scales!

sheild-front sheild-back

All cut and ready to be primed!


Now onto the outside frame – this will be cut from two pieces of 1″ Precision board then glued together.


Once we cut both sides its time to glue together then do a little hand texturing to remove the straight lines created by the CNC.

glue-frame adding-texture