Still “Frozen” this Christmas…

Once again we had the great fortune to work on the “Frozen” display at the Disney Store in Times Square. This was a lot of fun as usual and my daughter Mary got to meet Olaf in person! The client gave us sketches of the Frozen Castle and our challenge was to make a display out of acrylic.

We came up with a few concepts and started building it half scale to work out the kinks.


Once we had the design down it was time to build it full size which was about 8′ tall. Here is the main structure made out of gator foam. We cut grooves in the gator foam to allow us to glue the acrylic in place.


Stop everything! Olaf has arrived. He’ll be part of the display so we need to get accurate measurements before we finalize everything.351Back to the display.  The 4″ gator gets wrapped with printed graphics. Here Rad is installing the vinyl but he may need a little help.


So we put Olaf to work installing the some of the vinyl.


Now we’re ready to connect the acrylic panels. First we cut the acrylic then apply printed translucent vinyl to the back side.  Then using UV curable glue we attach the returns to the side of each acrylic tower for depth.

 Brian works out the mechanics of the ornament spinners – these have to be lightweight and last throughout the season.  The first prototype is perfect and we’re ready to start building them.371

Meanwhile the whole crew Rad, Mark, Greg Holin and Eddie are super busy – printing, cutting and inserting the motors into the hanging signs. There are a lot of these! There are giant marquee signs and other cool accents all over the shop!




We had Olaf cut some of the boards to make things go a little quicker. Luckily he’s wearing sneakers – he’s doing a lot of running around today.


We’re almost there – time to clean up – Olaf is pretty good at this too.


Olaf had a long day and needs a nap before we ship everything out.


Here it is – after our client did there wonderful staging, accents and magic!  Great job everyone! Another fun project!









The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sign

Another super fun job! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sign.

This sign will hang at the Disney Store in Times Square. We cut the larger letters out of 1.5″ Precision Board HDU and the smaller letters from 3/4″ PVC.  We then cut the face of the letters from 1/4″ PVC.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 3

Brian then painted the red part of the letters with Metallic Red paint then airbrushed the gradation onto the face – WOW I love it.

Rad wrapped a piece of 2″ Gator Board with Avery Car Wrap vinyl – front and back. Mark and Greg took it from there to complete the assembly and install the threaded rod hangers. Great job everyone. Can’t wait to see this movie! – Steve

photo 2


photo 3

Disney’s Frozen Project – Times Square Disney Store

Who wouldn’t love working on a Disney project?  This was a fun project with characters, castles and great Disney graphics. We just completed our work, delivered to our client they added their magic and it looks fantastic! If you are  in Times Square NYC this holiday season check it out.

We started out by vectorizing the clients sketch of a giant snow arch and castle with the “Frozen” logo carved into it. In Enroute Pro we gave the outline shape and texture and designed the accurate dimensions to fit on the store fixtures.293294Now this arch is about 16′ Wide so we cant cut it all at once.  I’ll break up the file and start cutting the pieces.

So to keep the weight down we chose to make the arch out of blue insulation foam.  We started by gluing 4’x8′ sheets of 2″ foam together.  Our arch will end up 8″ thick. Once glued we are ready to cut.



Once the panels are cut – we cut out a channel on the back to set the PVC piping wich will hold the pieces together. The PVC is set in place and the safety cables are installed and crimped.


The adhesive is applied and the sides are assembled.



 Now we’re ready to tackle the bases! These need to be large solid pieces of foam so we cut them in discs that will sit on top of each other then Brian will come in with a sawzall to rough sculpt it. Here you can see Eddie assembling the discs and gluing in place.



We’ll finish up the other base and start sculpting. Brian got out the sawzall for the rough cuts then the belt sander for the second go around.


Mark and Kevin doing some finishing sanding.


Here’s Brian and Greg with their homemade sanding tool – Great for taking away a lot of foam fast.


Ready for Bondo and Paint!


While the arch is off to the paint shop we’re busy printing away and building some other cool features for the install.

Here is an 8′ Marquee Gift Tag.


A GIANT painters pallete.


Lots of wrapping paper….


Some cool Mickey Ears….


and a bunch of other cool stuff.


And here is the transformation (with the help of our clients amazing design and installation skills)






















The Competition is On – A Fish Tale

Our mentor from the North, Dan Sawatsky, has been posting a super cool project that he has been working on at  We saw that he was involved in a friendly competition with some other superstar sign makers and we wanted in.

The rules of the competition – create a sign for the “The Institute for the Study of Mechanical Marine Life”.  The only requirement is that the sign has the text on it and that it includes a mechanical fish of some sort. We have until September 2nd to make this a good one – we’ll have to do the work at night as we are extremely busy – but it will be a fun!

Game on!

So Brian and I did a little brainstorming. we would meet the above criteria – but we have to come up with something smoking hot that no one has ever seen. Remember who we are up against – some of the best guys in the business.

On this one I think we’ll have to start with a story.

The story unfolds like this… We have a little fish that is scared to travel  – He’s built himself a mechanical fish out of driftwood to tool around the ocean so he can stay safe. The only way you can find this little guy is by using the specially designed periscope that was designed for … you guessed it “The Institute for the Study of Mechanical Marine Life”.

We started feverishly sketching the ideas as we developed our little story.  And it turns out – the mechanical fish is only a small part of the overall “sign”. We are going to create a standalone sign that will be lit with LED’s have lots of color, fun and can be viewed 360 degrees. Oh and the whole thing is… a fish tank. That’s right – I’m blaming Brian for this one!

Fish Tank-Proof Mechanical Fish Proof

I jumped right on designing the fish – Brian was on welding duty. He’ll start by fabricating the armature that will hold up this beast.

I have the basics of the fish designed in Enroute Pro with some texture – once I piece it all together I’ll do some hand carving.

Fish Doors

It’s off to the MultiCAM 3000 – We’re cutting `1.5″ 30lb Precision Board. I used a 3/8″ Ball End Mill for the rough pass and a 1/4″ Ball for the finish pass. Cutting Fish

Brian is out in the shop welding up a storm!  This sign will be strong with a steel frame to hold all the weight of the fish tank and enclosure.

Welding Frame

And… done.  Ready to start skinning this thang!

Completed Frame

Stay Tuned…